Easter 2014

I ended up in a Protestant church this year. There is actually a Catholic church very close by, but it’s hard to beat what amounts to a stone’s throw in distance. That combined with the fact that I have an exam tomorrow is ultimately how I found myself in a cozy, well lit church, surrounded by a bunch of pastel-clad kids and well-dressed adults. 

Church and I have had an interesting relationship. Growing up, it was not a question. It was habit, routine, without choice or very much thought to be honest. Then as I grew older, I actually resented attending church. I felt surrounded by Judge-y McJudge-y Pants and I felt out of place, a misfit. Now I’m more of the mind that while there are some narrow-minded, Holier-Than-Thou sorts at church, there are almost plenty of wonderful people who are just trying their best. 

So when I went this afternoon for the first time in awhile, I found myself oddly touched. The music, the space, the light, the flowers. Everything and everyone seemed very sweet and well-intentioned. To a certain extent, everyone’s trying to get by, to do their best, and I felt that commonality very deeply today. 

Some highlights: 

  • I sat in the very last, high-backed pew and in front of me was a man, his two small children, and what appeared to be his mother. The kids were funny because the little boy was insane (as kids tend to be). His collar was popped and he was full of energy. Eventually his dad pulled out a cupboard, crayons, and blank paper to try to settle him down. Instead this 3 or 4 year old just started talking more because he needed a lot of help writing The Next Great American Novel. At one point he asked “How do you spell ‘sleepy’?” which amused me. I imagined this whole Easter “church” endeavor was taking far too long for him. He eventually fell over or something happened to cause a loud BANG. 
  • During peacetime, Catholic masses usually have everyone shake hands with adjacent people only. In this Protestant mass, everyone got up and circulated around. I thought, “Oh, is this what we’re gonna do now? This is how we’re going to play it? Alright.” And it was really lovely. Mass probably ran “over” due to this but c’est la vie. Catholic masses are over strictly at 1 hour. Today I didn’t mind. In the middle of mass, an elderly gentleman made an announcement about some kind of Church event at a nearby amusement park. “We might even have mass there!” He said. I was totally taken aback. Church in an amusement park? You can’t even get married on a beach in Catholicism—-true story. My 3rd grade teacher told us that the Catholic church did not recognize wedding ceremonies done under the open sky. 
  • Afterwards there was some coffee situation and an egg hunt. 

I left the service thinking that that was how church should be. Granted, their church was very small so it is probably easier to create that sense of community and pleasantness, but it was just such a nice experience. 

I also like Meant to Be and Hurricane and distance and everything in this playlist.

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Good jam on Being Human Season 4, Episode 9

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Long time Robin Thicke fan, just started listening to his new stuff.

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This comes on the tail of my being introduced to Dom Mazzetti’s youtube channel. It was pretty funny but in the back of my head I wondered: “What does this say about society? Is this OK?” Everything’s a balancing act, I suppose. 

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Time flies. One more exam, then some more exams, but before I resume, I wanted to share this really lovely song. Say what you will about Twilight but that movie series had a fantastic musical director. I was reminded of that this afternoon.

Not only are the soundtracks really legit, but the scores are phenomenal. They brought the impressive Carter Burwell on for the first movie and then later Alexandre Desplat. I heaped a bunch of tracks from a variety of sources onto a playlist and this one from one of those movies, out of all those songs from all those random places, made me pause and ask: “What’s this?” 

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My hippie friend sent this. She can laugh at herself, at the tree-hugger, granola-crunching, etc. image but she’s spot on sometimes. Especially with the advances in technology (meat/leather grown from cell culture), this does not need to happen. Alternatively, there is absolutely nothing wrong with cotton sweaters. 

On a different topic: Kelsey is a testament to the ability of people to change. When she was a teeny-bopper, she had tons of STUFF and her biggest thoughts were shopping. Her huge closet was full to the brim. Now she’s so pragmatic and rarely needs anything. She was and is always open to knowledge, always open to tweaking her views. 


Five Hundred Miles || Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan and Stark Sands

If you missed the train I’m on,

You will know that I am gone.

You can hear the whistle blow,

A hundred miles. 

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I went snowboarding for the first time and it was a blast. The above picture was me peering over the edge of a black diamond which I did not attempt but could definitely respect. Mountain, I respect you.

I also babysat G and Connor for the first time since my last entry. As per usual, the One Direction Live in Concert DVD was involved. Part of me thinks: Oh no, not this sh*t again. But another part of me has yielded completely. I’ve probably expressed that sentiment before but it came about so innocuously that I’m still in some disbelief. I’m all: ‘Don’t even care about the table breaking, we only want to have a laugh, uh-uhp all night, DJ got the floor to shake, floor to shake.’ And then G, Connor and I ate brownie mix like heathens.


Tonight I’m thinking: When will my Soylent arrive? 

I’m also thinking about biochem but I guess that goes without saying at this point. 

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Stoodying Perspective

On Monday I promised my little cousins, Gianna and Connor, that I would play with them so I did a quick drive over from school to their house. G is in kindergarden now and it inspired a bit of nostalgia in me to see her in her little gym uniform—and to see her little face! It seemed as if I hadn’t seen her in eons and absence does make the heart grow fonder. Long forgotten were the war and peace days of a few babysitting sessions past. 

Normally she goes to after school care but because I was visiting, she left school at dismissal time and together we went to pick up Connor from daycare. I’m normally ambivalent about little people but my heart was touched by the love Gianna’s former classmates showed her when they were reunited. “Never let go, Gianna!” one little girl said, hugging Gianna. Straight out of Titantic

Once the three of us arrived at their house, I was gleefully informed that they wanted to play “school” and that it was “naptime.” Hallelujah! Needless to say, I got a few moments of shut eye. It was a brief visit and I left after a few hours to return to the study carrels. I hope to visit again soon because even I admit: I was pretty pathetic given the hype leading up to my visit. I *did* feel like a rockstar though. If everyone greeted me the way G and Connor greeted me on Monday, my ego would be through the roof. There was so much glee just for walking in. The whole afternoon was peppered with rockstar moments. I’m sure G—if she knew what a rockstar was—felt like a rockstar walking in to daycare.  

The highlight that I will take from Monday’s visit is definitely G asking me “What is studying?” Initially I had been confused because she had pronounced it as “stoodying.”

"What is stoodying?"
"Huh? What’s stoodying?"
"You said you were leaving to stoody?" 

I laughed. Oh, to be 5 years old, eating donuts, rolling around in bright blue sweat pants. 

Eternity by Dreams Come True (Truly great band from Japan), featured in The Swan Princess 

Sharing jams and movies with little people is super fun. 

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Lately - S Club 7

Picking a CD to play on repeat was part of my nightly routine as a teeny bopper and this was among my favorite songs from this album. As for me, lately I’ve been consuming enough sushi and instant coffee (OrganoGold) to blow up the sun. I just realized that the seemingly hole-in-the-wall sushi place in my town ($3 for 6 sushi rolls!) has a near perfect 5/5 review on Google from a decently large number of reviewers!

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""Celebrity worship is really a product of a rock bottom educational system (and indifference toward learning), as well as America’s disdain for history — any "literature" older than last month’s Vanity Fair, anyone older than Beyoncé, and the simple mindedness of pop music and "fashion über alles" contribute to an aimlessness and lack of substance in mass culture." - Max Cornise"